Roller Derby LibGuide

Talk Derby to Me: A Reference Guide to Roller Derby is a LibGuide created for LIS-652, Information Service and Sources. Learning objectives achieved: user-centered focus, research, and LIS practice.

Project Title: Talk Derby to Me: A Reference Guide to Roller Derby

Project URL: http://libraryschool.libguidescms.com/content.php?pid=519326

Additional documentation: View/download User Group Definition Paper and RollerDerby LibGuide Presentation

Project Description: This project is an online reference guide, or LibGuide, created for Information Services and Sources (LIS 652). The purpose of the project was to identify a user group, research the information resources specific to its needs, and create a reference guide dedicated to meeting those needs.

Methods:  I conducted a literature review and used a document based, secondary research approach to locate historical and current information regarding the subject.  I additionally conducted primary research by analyzing current statistical information about the participants in the sport and conducting in-person interviews with people from within the roller derby community.

My Role: I am the single author of this work.

Learning Objective Achieved: User-centered focus

Rationale:  The key purpose of this project was to create an information resource for a specific user group. Through my research, I found that women are the primary participants in the sport of roller derby and that these women are often beginner athletes. In addition, because the sport in its current incarnation is relatively young, information can be difficult to locate. Therefore, I determined that new female athletes looking for basic information on the sport of roller derby, how to become involved in the sport, and how best to train, would be the primary users of this resource. I assembled a wide array of resources with this specific group in mind, with the understanding that many of the information sources would also be useful to other audiences, including people simply interested in learning more about the sport.

Additional Learning Objective Achieved: Research

Rationale: This project illustrates my competence in research, as demonstrated by my evaluation of statistical and text-based information, focused research questions, and the conclusions I drew based on my analysis. In examining the information and statistical data, I was able to identify a focused user group and determine relevant information resources.  While I found that the group that would benefit most from such a resource would be adult women interested in learning how to play flat track roller derby, my research also showed that interest in the sport was rising among teens and among men, making it relevant to include information for a slightly broader user group.

Additional Learning Objective Achieved: LIS practice

Rationale: Central to LIS practice is providing guidance and access to reference and information resources.  In addition, librarians are often tasked with creating online reference guides for a specific subject or user group.  In creating this reference guide, I aggregated traditional LIS information resources, such as the Center for Disease Control’s Concussions in Sports website and the National Institute of Health’s MedlinePlus, with more focused resources like the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association and the Derby News Network, to create a broad selection of useful resources that cover a variety of topics pertinent to the specified user group.  In addition, this project was built using the Springshare content management system LibGuides, which is used by thousands of libraries worldwide.

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